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Beer and Cellar Gas

STAR BEER 50/50, STAR BEER 60/40, STAR BEER 75/25. New gas bottles and refill available

Starting From 30.00

Stargas - MIG standard welding gas for sale in Finglas Fuels. Offical Stargas merchant in Dublin

Star MIG Standard

Compostion :  93% Argon 5% CO2 2% Oxygen Capacity: 10l, 20l, 50l. ideally suited for MIG welding gas

Starting From €60.27

Stargas - TIG Argon welding gas for sale in Finglas Fuels. Offical Stargas merchant in Dublin

Star TIG Argon

TIG welding gas stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium, Capacity: 10l, 20l, 50l. Minimum argon purity of 99.995%

Starting From €71.34

Stargas - Helium gas for sale in Finglas Fuels. Offical Stargas merchant in Dublin

Star Helium

Capacity: 10l, 20l helium gas cylinders. Ideal for special event such as a wedding or a birthday party

Starting From €95.94

Stargas - CO2 Gas cylinder, perfect for hydroponics, plant and aquatic plant for sale in Finglas Fuels. Offical Stargas merchant in Dublin


STAR CO2 liquid and vapour in 10L CO2 cylinders offer 6.5 kilograms of gas. perfect for hydroponics, plant and aquatic plant growth

Starting From €60.27

Stargas - Forklift bottled gas available for sale in Finglas Fuels. Offical Stargas merchant in Dublin

Forklift Auto Gas

Stargas provide Fork lift and Auto gases. Capacity: 10l Valve type: BS3 Composition: Star 4.5% CO2 16% Oxygen 79.5% Nitrogen 

Starting From €79.95

Stargas - Industrial gas cylinders available for sale in Finglas Fuels. Offical Stargas merchant in Dublin

Industrial gases 50l cylinders

Oxygen, Argon for TIG welding, Nitrogen, Helium and 5% or 20% Co2/Argon mix for MIG welding.  Click the button bello to check full range of industrial gasess.

Starting From €92.56

Stargas - Oxygen gas for sale in Finglas Fuels. Offical Stargas merchant in Dublin

Industrial Oxygen Cylinders

For use with a fuel gas (propane, acetylene or propylene) for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering. Oxygen supports the combustion of these gases.

Starting From €60.27

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Beer and Welding Gas at affordable prices

Beer and Cellar Gas

Gas cylinders for beer and cellars are filled in the STARGAS filling depot, so we guarantee you the best gas at the best prices. Whenever you need to organize a party or like to enjoy the taste of beer at home, STARGAS provides the most economical beer gas solutions for your home bar or business. Depending on your needs and the size of the bar, we have the highest quality 10l and 20l gas cylinders at affordable prices.

STARGAS provides the highest quality gas mixtures so that you can delight in the unique taste of beer. Our gas extends the life of your draft beers and improves the overall presentation of your beer, impressing consumers. The excellent beer gas from Stargas can also be offered on a resale basis to breweries, beer wholesalers and shipping companies throughout Ireland. For this purpose, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Stargas directly.

We always have in stock 75/25, 60/40 and 50/50 mixes of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and prices start from € 30.00 for a refill. For everyone who enjoys and shares the experience of a home bar, we know the importance of providing partygoers with quality drinks all year round. Beer gas cylinders are easy to use, safe to operate and thoroughly tested by the manufacturer before being released for sale.

The Stargas company wants you always to have easy access to beer gas when you need it the most. Therefore, it has set up the largest distribution network in Ireland. Finglas Fuels is an official Stargas agent in Dublin. You can always collect your beer gas or cellar gas and get advice or information in our Finglas location in Jamestown Business Park in Dublin North. Three minutes from M50 junction 5. Get directions.

Welding Gas MIG and TIG

Stargas provides Rent Free welding gas cylinders to Hobby and Trade welders. That offer includes both MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas bottles. Stargas is the original supplier of rent-free gas bottles and cylinders in Ireland. There is no continual rent that other gas suppliers often charge.

Depends on your welding gas usage, Stargas provides a wide range of different sized cylinders. Industrial gas cylinders 50l dedicated for businesses that can use 50l gas cylinders every three months, 20l trade gas for those that can use 20l two times in the year and 10l bottles for hobby welders.

For more detailed information please visit

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Stargas dublin: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Stargas in Finglas Fuels location?

Yes, Finglas Fuels is a part of Stargas the largest gas distribution network. We will always help you with your order.

Can I collect Stargas bottles in Finglas Fuels location?

Yes. We opearate in the Stargas system called click and collect. All orders you place on Stargas website you can collect in Finglas Fuels location.

What do I need to have with me to collcet my gas cylinder?

The only we need is your order reference number and empty bottle if you purchase refill. If you buy new gas we need only order reference number.

When can I collcet my order?

We are operating from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00. You can collect your order in suitable time for you between our opening hours.

Do you deliver Stargas cylinders?

No we do not. However in some particular circumstances call us and we can discuse.