About Us - The Highest Quality in Dublin

Welcome to Finglas Fuels

Finglas Fuels is a Dublin leading coal merchant and wholesaler. We are located in Jamestown Business Park in Dublin North. Close to M50 junction 5. We specialize in selling and delivering a wide range of heating fuels and fuel storage solutions for your home.

As a coal and fuel supplier, we can guaranty an excellent standard of one-to-one customer service and only the highest quality of our products. Extensive experience, great product knowledge, and proven customer satisfaction. If you are looking for smokeless coal, firewood logs, softwood logs, tone of logs, briquettes, turf, bags of logs, or gas cylinders with reasonable prices visit our Finglas Coal Yard. As a coal and fuels wholesaler, we are open to wholesale and coal merchants.

Product Quality

The high quality of our products is guaranteed. Premium smokeless fuels release much less carbon dioxide, provide excellent heat output, have a long fire life that heats longer, hotter, and more cost-effective. All dried firewood logs light immediately and provide a strong heat.

Smokeless fuels burn much more consistently than normal fuels in a low oxygen environment such as stoves. It is easier to control than other sorts of fuels. Good quality smokeless fuels are not harmful to your appliance and environment. Smokeless fuels for stoves can also be ideal for open fires and multi-fuel stoves alike. These fuels produce far less smoke and carbon dioxide emissions however provide the same or more warmth for your home as regular fuels. A high carbon content means that less ash stays after using the appliance, which ensures that you do not need to clean or empty the grate as often.

Smokeless fuels can give up to thirty percent more heat than normal house coal and can also burn for up to thirty-five percent longer. This means that they can burn hotter for longer. You do not need to refuel your appliance so often. Less adding also means that smokeless fuels can be more cost-effective than other fuels.

When you buy good quality coal and firewood logs for your needs, compared with others existing on the market today, it gives you the perfect fire and costs effective results which means saving money.


Our coal and logs deliveries are free of charge for customers who have ordered a minimum of 10 bags of coal. For any other orders €5.00 delivery fee will be added. Finglas Fuels always ensures that you receive your coal delivery at the agreed time or as soon as possible.

We deliver to most of Dublin’s areas. You can order any coal, firewood, or other solid fuel product available in our coal yard. You do not need to be at home when we deliver, and in that is the case, you must advise us accordingly as to where to leave the product. However, we will not take responsibility in the case of any losses or damages if you instruct us to leave the goods in your absence. We will endeavor to deliver the goods according to your instructions. If we can make the delivery easier for you by dropping the goods in a specific place for example coal bunker, we will try our best to make it happened. If we bring our vehicle onto your property, as per your instruction, we cannot be held liable for any damage.

Please note, heavy items such as a ton of firewood logs or oversized items such as large coal bunkers will be unloaded and will be left adjacent to your home.

We always aim to deliver your goods as soon as possible. However, during some busy winter periods and unusual weather and environment conditions that your delivery time needs to be changed, we will do everything to notify you before.

If you live in an area with difficult access, you need to inform us before your delivery date so we can ensure to use the right transportation and handling ways. Difficulties mean narrow lanes, limited parking space, not enough offloading space, steep driveway or there is pallet truck required please be aware, this cannot be used on grass, slopes, or gravel. So, if any of the below refers to your delivery address, please inform us. Also, please notified us of the unusual event if your delivery time needs to be changed. If you would like to buy coal or other solid fuel from us, or for any other inquiries more information, services, or details please feel free to Contact Us today or  Check Delivery Areas.