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Logs Dublin - Dublin Coal Merchant - Cheap coal prices

Smokeless stove coal for sale

The best coal prices in Dublin so check our coal deals and free coal delivery. Save with Finglas Fuels

Finglas Fuels Dublin Coal Merchant - Cheap coal prices

Firewood and hardwood logs for sale

Widest range of packed kiln dried logs and firewood logs for sale in Dublin. Best bulk ton of logs deals

Finglas Fuels Dublin gas and patio gas

Flogas and Calor gas cylinders Dublin

Full range of bottled gas. Propane and Butane. Include industrial roofer gas and forklift gas

Finglas Fuels Dublin Coal and Logs - cheap coal prices

Coal delivery areas in Dublin

Artane, Ashtown, Clonsilla, Drumcondra, Santry, Beaumont, Killester, Raheny, Baldoyle, Ballyfermot, Blanchardstown, Whitehall, Marino

Number One Dublin Coal and Solid Fuels Merchant and Wholesaler

Special Offers


3 Bags of Coal and 1 Bag of Firewood Logs


5 Bags of Coal, 1 Bag of Firewood Logs and 1 Bag of Kindling

10 BAGS OF 40kg COAL

10 Bags of Coal, 2 Bags of Firewood, 1 Bag of Kindling and 1 Bag of Firelighter

Best sellers

Coal Bunkers with Stand

150kg or 300kg coal bunkers suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, manufactured from medium density UV resistant polyethylene.

Ton of hardwood logs

Super dry firewood. Logs are available in the net or a large ton bags.

Wide Range of Gas

Propane and Butane Bottled Gas Cylinders

energy efficiency with affordable coal prices

Energy efficiency

Improving the way how we use solid fuels such as smokeless coal, firewood, gas and others will significantly reduce our energy costs.That can be simply achieved by increase our awareness of energy efficiency. That can be simply achieved by increase our awareness of energy efficiency. Coal Guide

quality coal and firewood

Quality guaranteed

The high quality of our coal and logs are guaranteed. Premium smokeless coal and firewood release much less carbon dioxide. Provide excellent heat output, have a great fire life which heats longer, hotter, and more cost-effective. All dried logs light quickly and provide a great heat. About Us

fast coal deliver

Fast coal delivery

Our deliveries are free of charge for customers who have ordered a minimum of 10 bags of coal or equile value. For any other orders €5.00 delivery fee will be added. Finglas Fuels always ensures that you receive your coal delivery at the agreed time or as soon as possible. Delivery Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fuel should I use?

The key is to choose the proper smokeless coal, firewood logs or other sold fuel for your heating appliance. Then you can be sure you will get the best burning effects and excellent heating performance. It is also possible to mix different fuels to achieve the best results. However, there is only one condition which is the quality of products. Depends if you have an open fire or close fire stove appliance, whether you need to heat small rooms separate or entire house you can find everything you need in our wide range of solid fuels.

What are the benefits?

I believe that everyone enjoys experience of cosy glow from fireplace however this can only come from real fire. There are more benefits of using good quality solid fuels at your home. First, the wide selection of fuels such as smokeless coal, firewood logs or gas. Solid fuels are very efficient which means low heating cost for your budget. They are easy to control and store. You can stock them and use whenever you need. Good quality of solid fuels can guarantee great heat to your home even in the worst weather conditions.

What is smokelss coal?

Smokeless coal is one of the many types of smokeless fuels which is a part of the big group of solid fuels. Smokeless fuels during combustion process do not emit visible smoke or the smoke they emit is minimal.

Do you clean your fireplace?

Although some appliances can be used with the door open, they will be more efficient with the door closed.Always keep your fireplace appliance as clean as possible. Do not let ash to clog the great. It will affect air circulation and seriously affect coal or firewood burning and heat quality. You can use poker, brushes and vacuum for regular cleaning or professionals if necessary. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions.Always follow manufacturer instructions or professionals in relation to cleaning, maintenance and usage of your fireplace

Difference between house coal and smokeless coal?

Smokeless coal emits up to 20% less of carbon dioxide and 80% less smoke. It is more effective and gives more heat than regular coal. Only smokeless fuels can be used in urban areas.

Is smokeless coal better than firewood??

First, it depends on your fire appliance. Not fire appliances are desgn to burn both coal and wood. Second, ....

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