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The best coal prices in Dublin! Check our fresh deals and enjoy home coal delivery. Save with Finglas Fuels and get your delivery today!

Finglas Fuels Dublin Coal Merchant - Best coal and hardwood logs prices in Dublin


Widest range of packed kiln dried logs and firewood logs for sale in Dublin. Quality hardwood and softwood firewood. Bulk ton of logs available on stock

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Full range of bottled gas. Propane and Butane. Include industrial roofer gas and forklift gas available in our shop in Dublin

Finglas Fuels Dublin Coal and firewood Logs - best solid fuels prices - best coal in Dublin


Dublin North, Artane, Ashtown, Clonsilla, Drumcondra, Santry, Beaumont, Killester, Raheny, Baldoyle, Ballyfermot, Blanchardstown, Whitehall, Marino


Welcome to Finglas Fuels your Dublin Coal and Firewood merchant and wholesaler! We are the leading supplier of coal, firewood, gas and other types of heating fuels in Dublin. For over 12 years, we have specialised in providing the highest quality products to the homes of our wonderful clients. We meet the highest quality and environmental standards. We carefully select suppliers and a range of products to meet the most demanding customers’ needs. We always try to keep coal prices as low as possible! Check our current coal prices.

coal and logs deals

€550.00 Kiln dried logs Large 2m Crate

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Stove Coal for Sale Dublin - 5 Bags of 40kg Smokeless Coal and 2 Bags of Firewood Logs and 1 Net of Kindling and 1 Pack of Firelighters

€180.00 COAL DEAL

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Stove Coal for Sale Dublin - 10 Bags of 40kg Smokeless Coal and 3 Bags of Firewood Hardwood Logs and 1 Net of Kindling and 1 Pack of Firelighters

€355.00 COAL DEAL

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coal bunkers - bulk ton of logs - ton of turf

Bunker for Coal Dublin - 150kg or 300kg bunkers suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, manufactured from medium density UV resistant polyethylene

Coal Bunkers (Stand temporary out of stock)

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Rigid foldable container

Rigid Foldable Container €275.00

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Bulk Bag of Logs for sale Dublin

Bulk Tone of Kiln Dried Logs

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we provide stargas gas cylinders

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Simply click and collect in our Finglas Fuels Dublin’s location. We are part of the largest Ireland’s gas distribution network – Stargas. We always have full stock of beer gases, helium, CO2, welding MIG and TIG, oxygen bottles, forklift and industrial gases. Check our Stargas gas cylinders.

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Energy efficiency - icon


Improving how we use solid fuels such as smokeless coal, firewood, gas, and others will significantly reduce our energy costs. That can be achieved by increasing our awareness of energy efficiency. That can be achieved by increasing our understanding of energy efficiency. Could you go and check our solid fuels guide? Reliable fuels guide.

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We can guarantee the highest quality of our products. The premium smokeless coal and firewood release much less carbon dioxide. Provide excellent heat output, have a great fire life which heats longer, hotter, and is more cost-effective. All dried logs light quickly and provide excellent heat. Watch the movie about our product quality

Coal Dublin and Free Delivery


Our deliveries in Dublin are free of charge for customers who have ordered a minimum of 5 bags of coal or equal value. For any other orders delivery fee will be added. Finglas Fuels always ensures that you receive your coal delivery at the agreed time or as soon as possible. Check our delivery areas and Dublin coal delivery guide.

We believe that everyone enjoys the experience of a cosy glow from the fireplace; however, this can only come from a real fire. There are more benefits of using good quality coal at your home. First, is the wide selection that Finglas Fuels offer. Second, both stove coal for sale Dublin and open fire are very efficient, which means low heating costs for your budget. They are easy to control and store.

Finglas Fuels distribute only top-quality firewood logs and other sorts of firewood that are environmentally friendly. Using firewood is much better than burning different kinds of fuels. Firewood logs for sale, hardwood logs, softwood logs, a ton of hardwood logs, kindling sticks and kiln dried logs are of the highest quality, and they come from woodlands and distributors that we well know.

Also, Finglas Fuels provides all possible selections of propane and butane. A range of cylinder sizes is engineered to fit your needs. They are cooking or heating applications for internal use or external industrial use such as roofing gas or forklift gas. They are easy to handle and storage. Nowadays, Flogas gas Dublin offers lightweight cylinders that are easy to carry compared to metal.

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Finglas Fuels deliver coal in all Dublin areas

When the chilly winds of autumn and winter sweep through Dublin, the need for a reliable source of warmth becomes paramount. Finglas Fuels, a trusted name in the city’s heating industry, understands this need and offers a comprehensive coal delivery service that caters to homes and businesses across Dublin’s diverse neighbourhoods. Our fleet of meticulously maintained trucks ensures timely deliveries of various types of coal, including premium smokeless stove coal, to ensure your home remains cozy and inviting throughout the colder months.

Whether you reside in the bustling heart of Dublin city centre or the tranquil suburbs, Finglas Fuels’ extensive delivery network covers all corners of the city. Whether you’re seeking a modest amount of coal for your fireplace or require a sizable delivery to replenish your coal bunker, Finglas Fuels’ friendly and efficient team is always ready to assist. Our commitment to promptness and customer satisfaction ensures that you never have to worry about running out of coal during a cold spell.

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