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Wide range of smokeless coal FOR SALE for stove

Golden Glow Coal for Sale Dublin

20kg Bag of Coal Golden Glow

Golden Glow – Lignite Nuggets smokeless coal. Burns completely to a fine low ash. Ideal for open fires and closed appliances. High in heat. Available in 20kg coal bags. Can be used as Briquettes substitute!


Besy in Dublin, Eco Glow Coal Golden Glow, top quality smokeless coal for sale

40kg Bag of Coal
Eco Glow

McLaughlin & Sons, Golden Glow, top quality smokeless coal eco glow. Eco-Glow is high in heat, low in ash, suitable for open fires, stoves, ranges and all enclosed fires Available in 40kg coal bags
Golden Glow, top qualityCoal Dublin - smokeless coal for sale in Dublin - eco glow.

20kg Bag of Coal
Eco Glow

McLaughlin & Sons, Golden Glow, top quality smokeless coal eco glow. Eco-Glow is high in heat, low in ash, suitable for open fires, stoves, ranges and all enclosed fires. Available in both 10kg & 20kg coal bags
Superglo Coal

40 kg Bag of Coal Superglo Coal

McLaughlin & Sons, traditional smokeless fuel for stoves ranges and enclosed fires. Swift 7 approved fuel. Long-lasting fuel, higher in ash than Eco-glow or Eco-Stove, Available in 40kg coal bags
Hayes Standard Anthracite,

40kg Bag of Coal Standard Anthracite

Hayes Standard Anthracite, smokeless coal. Great quality anthracite, giving good heat output together with a good value for money. Suitable for closed appliances. Coal Delivery ailable in 40kg coal bags


BEST IN DUBLIN BAGS OF coal for open fire applianceS

Magic Glow Coal

Magic Glow Coal

Hayes, a mix of pet coke and nuggets. Premium ovoid mix provides high heat output with low ash content. Suitable for open fires. Available in 40kg coal bags
Calco Flame Coal

Calco Flame Coal

Hayes smokeless coal, manufactured mix of pet coke and nuggets. Provides high heat at an economy price. Good value for money. Suitable for open fires. Available in 40kg bags
Union Nuggets Coal

Union Nuggets Coal

Coyle Union Nuggets, smokeless Coal. Manufactured in a Nugget shape that burns completely to low ash. Ideal for open fires and closed appliances. Available in 40kg coal bags
Glo Therm Coal

Glo Therm Coal

Coyle Glo Therm, smokeless coal. Enginered smokeless ovoid in an oval shape that burns completely to a low fine ash. Ideal for open fires and closed appliances. Available in 40kg bags
Calco Flame Coal

Calco Flame Coal

Coyle Calco Flame, a mix of pet coke and nuggets, smokeless coal. Provides high heat at an economy price. Suitable for open fires and closed appliances. Available in 40kg coal bags

Which coal is best?

The heating fuels market is full of different types of packed bags of coal. There are various sizes, weight, burning time, and output heating temperature. It is not easy to make a proper choice without getting lost in the details and other people’s opinions. In Finglas Fuels, we want to make sure you have got the best possible advice and all necessary information to help you make the correct choice.

Moreover, there is a trend for new fireplaces that work for smokeless fuel, and they are becoming more popular in new build modern houses. They also support lots of advantages over their traditional counterparts. In this brief guide, we make a little closer to your fuel options if you are thinking of installing a fireplace or already having one. We use fireplaces in our homes, and we know that every householder wants to have the perfect fire in their home. Whether you only light your fire for pleasure a few evenings in the week, you burn the whole year to keep central heating and boiler on or are burning only over the winter season.

What coal can I burn?

This short guide to smokeless coal is dedicated to helping you chose wisely and efficiently. Lots of current customers are already very familiar with the smokeless coal we offer. However, it is essential to highlight that some of them also needed to try different types before they decided which is best suits them. Dublin is a smoke control area, so you must use smokeless fuels only if you live around. Lots of people never considered this kind of heating fuel because of the lack of knowledge. Smokeless coal also might be an excellent fuel for your home, even if you don’t live in a smokeless neighborhood.

The only coal for sale in Dublin we have in stock is smokeless.

First of all, we believe it is worth knowing what smokeless coal is made from. To understand that better, we need to say that smokeless coal is also made from natural coal in a specific production process.

The idea is that regular natural coal has many volatile components responsible for smog while smokeless coal is not. Volatile components are removed during the production process; however, the calorific value is kept. It is worth adding that only one existing natural smokeless coal for sale is anthracite. The problem is its granulation which doesn’t entirely suit the fireplaces. However, anthracite is the hottest one. It is also available coal for sale in Finglas Fuels Dublin.

Engineered coal burns longer and hotter than traditional coal. It means that there is only an illusion that conventional coal is cheaper than a smokeless one which can burn even a few hours longer.

Wide range of appliances and other benefits

Finglas Fuels sells coal that can burn in all types of fireplaces. It is not true that the coal described as stove coal is intended only for closed fireplaces. We can successfully use it also in open fireplaces and multi fuels fireplaces. It can also burn well in combination with firewood, briquettes, fuel pellets, and others available on the market. As this coal contains only a small amount of volatile substances, it can be used in open fireplaces. Another advantage of using packaged carbon is that it gives off a lot of heat when burned and is very efficient. It’s effortless to control the temperature by adding more or less coal.

Coal for sale

Coal that is sold comes from different producers. We have spent years selecting the best types of smokeless coals for you. We guarantee the high quality of our products every day. Our company has developed quickly thanks to our professionalism, individual approach to each client, and great product quality. We currently have over 10 types of coal on the slope, matched in such a way as to meet all our customers’ expectations. We welcome any comments and feedback. We share experience and knowledge. We sell coal in bags of coal by 10 kg, 20 kg and the largest 40 kg.

Coal storage methods

Remember that when buying coal, you need to make sure that it is properly stored. Our entire stock is stored in a covered warehouse, and the pallets with the product are covered with waterproof plastic foil. A warehouse is a dry place, completely free from moisture. Our producer also stores the product in warehouses. Besides, the bag of coal for sale is always waterproof. That is made with plastic or another type of waterproof material and is well protected against moisture. We also advise our clients on the methods of storing coal. Usually, coal is not bought for the entire heating season, so there is little chance of getting it wet. We recommend that you always store the coal in its original bags. It is best kept in a covered area such as a garden patch or a garden shed. An excellent option is to buy a coal bunker that you can store, depending on the size, from three to even ten 40 kg packages of coal or six to twenty packages of 20 kg. We offer a wide selection of coal bunkers with racks. Within our range of coal for sale you can also find smaller 10-kilo packs of coal that can be stored by the fireplace or in the house’s open space. Packaged coal is clean in storage and does not require any additional measures. The coal supplies we offer can completely free you from the need to store coal. We deliver coal every day of the week. You can get more information about our coal for sale Dublin delivery service.

Safety information

Remember to always clean the chimney and the furnace at least once a year by ordering a professional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt the best places to buy coal are authorised Dublin’s coal suppliers. They only sell approved fuels which are marketed in Dublin and other urban areas in Ireland. 

We operate in our Dublin coal yard from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We do our deliveries in our business hours. We always try to deliver as soon as possible or in the first possible time slot or the following day if you place your order late. Usually, we agree with the delivery time with our customers by phone.

The most economically and energetically efficient and the cleanest way to heat a house using solid fuels is the so-called lighting the stove from above. This idea is to transfer the layer of heat from the very bottom to the top of the stack. In this way, the smoke escaping from the still cold fuel layer has to pass through the embers, where it is almost completely burnt. As a result, no poisonous exhaust fumes are released into the chimney and more heat is produced instead of the smoke. Please remember! Smokeless coal is only one coal for sale in Dublin.

On daily bases we deliver coal and logs to Dublin North Areas and also to Rathfarnham, Cabinteely, Blanchardstown, Clondalkin, Dublin Cornelscourt, Terenure, Artane, EastWall, Raheny, Ballyboughal, Black Belfield, Glenageary, Rathgar, Cabra, Glencullen, Portobello, Rathmines, Ongar, Ballsbridge, Deansgrange, Cross, Grange, Ballybrack, Kilmainham, Edmondstown, Inchicore, Loughlinstown, Whitehall, Glasnevin, Shankill, Darndale, Ballymount, Lucan, Whitechurch, Beaumont, Palmerstown, Dalkey, Corduff, Donnybrook, Kilmacud, Foxrock, Donnycarney, Bluebell, Laoghaire, Drimnagh, Sandyford, Coolock, Glasthule, Knocklyon, Clonsilla, Smithfield, Blackrock, Fairview, Clonskeagh, MountMerrion, Stepaside, Balgriffin, Dun Grangegorman, Templeogue, Finglas, Islandbridge, Harolds Dartry, Irishtown, Ballygall, Santry, Clontarf, Ballyroan, Ashtown, Leopardstown, The Coolmine, Walkinstown, Crumlin, Sandycove, Rathmichael, Ballinteer, Ballyfermot, Milltown, Dollymount, Broadstone, Chapelizod, Ranelagh, Jobstown, Donaghmede, Drumcondra, Killiney, Phibsborough, Kilternan, Kilnamanagh, Churchtown, Kimmage, Sandymount, Killester, Mulhuddart, Rock, Baldoyle, Ringsend, Carrickmines, Killo Dolphins Sallynoggin, Cherrywood, Firhouse, Castleknock, Ballyboden, Tallaght, Rathfarnham, Stillorgan, Booterstown, Dundrum, WindyArbour. Goatstown, Kilbarrack, Ranelagh, Barn, Monkstown, North, Ballybough, Ballymun. Check for more coal delivery details.

We believe that everyone enjoys the experience of a cozy glow from the fireplace however this can only come from a real fire. There are more benefits of using good quality coal and solid fuels at your home. First, the wide selection of fuels such as smokeless coal, firewood logs, or gas. Solid fuels are very efficient which means the low heating costs for your budget. They are easy to control and store. You can stock them and use them whenever you need them. Good quality of solid fuels can guarantee great heat to your home even in the worst weather conditions.

Smokeless coal is one of the many types of smokeless fuels which is a part of the big group of solid fuels available in Ireland. Smokeless coal is only one legal coal for sale in Dublin because during the combustion process does not emit visible smoke or the smoke they emit is minimal.

Smokeless coal emits up to 20% less of carbon dioxide and 80% less smoke. It is more effective and gives more heat than ordinary coal. In Ireland only the smokeless fuels can be used in urban areas. It means you can use only this kind of coal Dublin.

First, it depends on your fire appliance. Not all fire appliances are designed to burn both. Second, coal burns longer, hotter, and more steadily than wood. Black fuel needs additional air support. Firewood doesn’t. Mostly it depends on personal experience and preferences.

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