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Guide for Solid Fuels Users

Energy Efficiency Tips

Improving the way how we use solid fuels such as smokeless coal, firewood, gas, and others will significantly reduce our energy costs. That can be simply achieved by increasing our awareness of energy efficiency. It means more money will stay in our pockets. It will also limit the amount of release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that contributes to global warming. That can be simply achieved by increasing our awareness of energy efficiency.

Simple but Important

Some fuels are engineered for open fires and others for closed fires such as stoves. Depend on the type of your appliance try to ensure you use fuels that are exactly recommended by the producer. A proper kind of coal or firewood will burn better and longer. It means you will not need to refuel your appliance so often.

Ensure you use only dry firewood to do not waste heat. If the wood is wet moisture turns to steam. So, it is not effective and not environment friendly.

Also, important is to burn only the best quality solid fuels. Only from a well-known source. Good quality fuels will save money for you. That kind of fuel will be more energetic, will burn better, leave less ash. Also safer for your appliance. In the end, it will be value for money.

Although some appliances can be used with the door open, they will be more efficient with the door closed.

Always keep your fireplace appliance as clean as possible. Do not let ash to clog the great. It will affect air circulation and seriously affect coal or firewood burning and heat quality. You can use poker, brushes, and vacuum for regular cleaning or professionals if necessary. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions.

Always follow manufacturer instructions or professionals in relation to cleaning, maintenance, and usage of your fireplace.

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