Turf for Sale Dublin

turf in bags and ton of turf for sale dublin

Ton of Turf for sale Dublin

Bulk Tone of Irish Turf

High-quality Irish Turf in bulk ton bags

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Turf in Bags Dublin

Bag of Irish Turf

Quick and easy to light. 100% natural Irish turf packed in bags.

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Irish Turf for our dublin customers

The Irish turf we sell to our customers in Dublin is a natural fuel created due to the processes of slow decomposition of plant remains occurring in conditions of excessive humidity, with limited air access, as a result of which organic matter is enriched with mineral substances. Hence, a characteristic pleasant smell during combustion. For home fuel purposes, turf is used in various forms.

Depending on the properties of turf, it can be used for combustion in boiler houses or the production of peat briquettes. Milled peat, obtained mechanically by cutting the top layer of a peat bog, is the essential fuel driving the operation of peat-fired power plants. Peat was used for fireplaces in homes, most often in towns and villages surrounded by peat bogs. We sell this type of peat to our customers in Dublin.

In the past, peat was cut with shovels, now also using specially prepared excavators. Finglas Fuels offers two types of Irish turf and handy packages and large tons bags of turf. We deliver for free to your home in Dublin and North from Dublin surrounded areas. Find us on the map.

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