Kiln dried FIREWOOD logs IN CRATES - galway

Hardwood logs in cage

Kiln Dried Logs 2 cubic meters

High-quality hardwood logs in Crate Oak/Ash Mix

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1m kiln dried logs

Kiln Dried Logs 1.1 cubic meters

High-quality hardwood logs in Crate Oak/Ash Mix

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Meeting the expectations of our customers in Galway, we now offer free delivery of kiln dried firewood logs in crates to your home. We deliver to Galway City, county Galway and nationwide.

Order today and we'll have your firewood delivered to you within 3 days or less. Call us on 087 224 4080 today!

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Air diried FIREWOOD Logs for sale - GALWAY

Finglas Fuels distribute only top-quality kiln dried firewood logs and other sorts of firewood that are environmentally friendly. Using firewood and smokeless coal is much better than burning other sorts of fuels. Firewood logs, kiln died logs (sometimes call air dry firewood logs), hardwood bags of logs, softwood bags of logs, a ton of hardwood logs, and kiln dried logs are of the highest quality and they come from woodlands and distributors that we know. 

Kiln dried firewood logs - Finglas Fuels

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Logs GALWAY: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. First, it depends on how often you need to use your fireplace, how cold is winter this year, and if you like to spend time close to your fireplace. Some of our customers who use their stoves a few evenings a week over the autumn and winter season say they need around 3 to 4 cubic meters for the winter. Some of them who generally use a fireplace in most evenings during the week need between 5 to 6 cubic meters. However, some of them use wood as the basic source of heat all of the time include water heating so they need even 8 to 10 cubic meters.
  2. Second, it also depends on the type and efficiency of your fireplace appliance. New and modern will deliver very high heat output from less fire material.
  3. Third, depending on the quality of firewood you use. You will get from hardwood than softwood. More from dry than wet. Please remember close fireplaces are even three times more efficient than open appliances.

We are committed to delivering your firewood to Galway within three days of ordering. However, we make every effort to ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible.

Our many years of experience tell us that due to the product specifications and additional instructions related to the delivery, we decided to accept orders by phone.

We accept all types of crediit and debit cards.