KILN DRIED FIREWOOD Logs for Sale Dundalk

Kiln dried logs Dundalk - Crates - Home Delivery!

Kiln dried logs in crates 2m - kiln-dried-oak and ash

Kiln Dried Logs 2 cubic meters

High-quality kiln dried logs in Crate Oak/Ash Mix

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Kiln dried logs in crates 2m - kiln dried ash and oak

Kiln Dried Logs 1.2 cubic meter

High-quality kiln-dried logs in Crate Oak/Ash Mix

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Meeting the expectations of our customers in Dundalk, we now offer free delivery of kiln dried firewood logs in crates to your home. We deliver to Dundalk City, county Dundalk and nationwide.

Order today and we'll have your firewood delivered to you within 3 days or less. Call us on 087 224 4080 today!

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2m and 1.2m of Kiln DRIED Logs for sale - Dundalk

Finglas Fuels distribute to Dundalk only top-quality kiln dried firewood and other sorts of firewood that are environmentally friendly. Kiln-dried logs (sometimes called hot air-dry firewood), are of the highest quality. They come from woodlands and distributors that we know. All the firewood products we deliver to Dundalk are well dried and have low moisture content.

Kiln dried firewood logs - Finglas Fuels

This fact means that firewood is more efficient when burning. It gives longer burning time and more excellent heat as well. We specialise in delivering firewood nationwide. All kiln dried logs Dundalk we sell is suitable for most fire appliances such as stoves, open and close files, and BBQ when the season comes.

The good question is: How much firewood do you need for burning? That always depends on several factors. The most important is the kind of fireplace or other fire appliance you have at home in Dundalk.


Why does firewood need to be kiln dried?

Kiln Dried firewood Dundalk is wood intended to burn in fireplaces and light in stoves. It also works great during a fire. This wood comes from deciduous trees and has a moisture content of no more than 15 per cent. Kiln Dried logs Dundalk are cut into pieces. Check which firewood has a high calorific value and smells good when burning. During the heating season, 5 to 10 cubic meters of wood is used as fuel for the fireplace, depending on the size of the heated rooms, frequency of burning, and the weather. This is a lot, so when buying wood for a fireplace, consider the choice of species, place of purchase, and storage.

As the only company in the region, we can offer kiln-dried firewood with a moisture content of 12-20% measured inside the log. The kiln dried logs Dundalk is dried at a temperature of 110-130 degrees C, thanks to which it is free from mould, fungi, mosses, worms, etc. Unlike seasoned wood, wood from the drying room is always dry inside and outside, regardless of the current weather conditions.

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Logs Dundalk: Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for delivery?

We are committed to delivering your firewood to Dundalk within three days of ordering. However, we make every effort to ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible.

Can I place my order online?

Our many years of experience tell us that due to the product specifications and additional instructions related to the delivery, we decided to accept orders by phone.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all types of crediit and debit cards.