Patio Gas Cylinders, Forklift and Roofing Bottled Gas Dublin


FloGas 11.34kg Butane gas cylinder

Butane Cylinder 11.34kg

FloGas 11.34kg Butane available in steal bottle. Perfect for mobile heaters designed for butane. Give you a quick heat in your place. Safe and easy to use.

FloGas 10.9kg Propane gas cylinder

Propane Cylinder 10.9kg

FloGas 10.9kg Propane bottled is ideal for cooking and heating in your home. Propane is also available in 34kg and 47kg bottles. Should only be stored outside.


19kg Propane gas cylinder

Propane Cylinder 19kg

FloGas 19kg Propane is a medium format bottle perfect for places with a little more storage area and extendend usage. Recomended by Flogas to keep stored outside.

34kg Propane gas cylinder

Propane Cylinder 34kg

FloGas 34kg Propane bottled is a bigger format for cooking and heating in places where more gas is needed and have more spaces to keep. Should only be stored outside.


47kg Propane gas cylinder

Propane Cylinder 47kg

FloGas 47kg Propane is a bigger format designed for cooking and heating with high demands, however there is still no space for bulk tank. Should only be stored outside.

34kg Propane gas cylinder

Patio 10.9kg

FloGas 10.9kg Patio Propane is perfect for bbq and patio heating appliances. It is safe and economical. Operates with all standard bbq and gas heaters regulators.

47kg Propane gas cylinder

Patio Calor 11kg

11kg barbecue Propane cylinder is efficient and ideal for outdoor bbq and for patio heaters. Contains BioLPG with low contribution to environment.

10.9kg BBQ Propane gas cylinder

BBQ Calor 6kg

6kg mobile Propane cylinder excelent for caravans or mobile homes. Does not take too much space. It is efficient, safe and easy to use.

11kg Patio Propane gas cylinder

BBQ Calor 4.5kg

4.5kg Patio Butane. This is the smallest cylinder in our range. Popular for mobile use with limited space areas. Easy carry, clean and safe.

11kg Patio Propane gas cylinder

BBQ-Patio Gas Lightweight

FloGas 10.9kg Patio Propane cylinder perfect for travel, easy to handle and conecting. Excelent for camping, caravans. Economical and safe.

11kg Patio Propane gas cylinder

BBQ-Patio Gas Lightweight

FloGas 5kg Patio Propane cylinder perfect for travel, easy to handle and conecting. Excelent for camping, caravans, boats. Economical, clean and safe.



Finglas Fuels provides all possible selection of propane and butane. A range of cylinder sizes is engineered to fit your needs. Whether they are cooking or heating applications for internal use or industrial external use such as roofing gas or forklift gas. They are easy to handle and storage. Nowadays, Flogas offers lightweight cylinders which are easy to carry compared to metal.

We supplie mostly Dublin north areas. Finglas, Cabra, Ballymun, Santry, Glasnevin, Clonsilla, Poppintree, Ashtown


Finglas Fuels distribute cylinders in Dublin which is mainly produced by well known brand Flogas. Portable bottled gas cylinders are clean and designed in the way to be suitable for all available mobile cooking or heating appliances available on the Dublin market. We sell gas which is aimed for cookers, indoor and outdoor heaters such as patio, camping, boats, stoves and BBQ. Below you can learn which type of gas cylinder is the most suitable for your application.


Perfect for anywhere indoor use is Butane Gas. Most of gas heaters and portable heaters works with butane gas. It heats up your room super quick and efficiently. Please ensure to change gas regulator at least once a year as Flogas recommends. You can find lots of them in many Dublin locations.


Ideal for heating and cooking at home is Propane Gas. Standard propane cylinder is in characteristic red colour. Flogas makes it available in 10.89kg, 34kg and 47kg cylinders. Propane must be always stored outside not inside.

Patio Gas

Perfect for outdoor activities is patio gas. Designed for barbecues, grilling, patio heaters. Safe and efficient. Suitable for all standard outdoor bbq appliances and patio heaters.


Remember that patio cylinders and propane gaslight cylinders use the same regulators.


Want to escape from Dublin city? Choose gaslight when you are outside. Ideal for camping and caravans and your boat. Because the weight is light there is no problem to carry gas cylinder anywhere. Easy to connect. Flogas produce cylinders as semi translucent so you can see the current gas level. Rustproof. Never store propane gaslight inside or enclosed areas.


The gas used in cylinders ensures better operation of the forklift, even in difficult weather conditions. Flogas cylinders for forklifts are a safe and functional solution. See what you can gain with Flogas cylinders.

Engine protection

The Flogas cylinders we offer are made of special steel, on which no deposits are collected. This protects your forklift engine and reduces the risk of breakdown.

Smooth work

Flogas cylinders for forklifts are equipped with a special valve that allows the maximum use of gas from the cylinder. Thanks to this, you are able to work longer with one cylinder.

Comfort of use

We offer a widest selection of gas cylinders for forklifts in Dublin, so you can choose the product best suited to the needs of your company. Each cylinder for forklift is tailored to your needs. They are easy to assemble and easy to transport.

What to look for when making a choice?

Fuel for forklifts have a direct impact on the more effective operation of these machines. If the gas cylinder is of high quality, it can work even in very demanding weather conditions.

Flogas is aware of the importance of safety when using gas cylinders. The products in the brand's offer have all the necessary certificates, which guarantee excellent quality. This also move us into the fact that Flogas has been trusted by consumers for years. The key aspects that influence the brand phenomenon are presented below.

Gas bottles, which are used with forklifts, should be constructed in such a way that their use is completely safe. Moreover, the usefulness of this product in practice is also an important aspect. The main advantages of choosing Flogas cylinders are:

The issue of engine protection

The issue of engine protection, which is based on the fact that Flogas cylinders are made of special steel, on which no deposits accumulate. This solution is beneficial for engines in forklifts and significantly reduces the possibility of equipment failure.

Safe valve

All gas cylinders for forklifts have a valve, the main task of which is to enable the use of all fuel in a given cylinder. A cylinder with a valve is a very economical solution that ensures smooth operation because the need to replace the gas cylinder is less frequent.

The brand's range

The brand's offer is so extensive that it allows you to choose a product that will fully meet the needs of a specific user. Thanks to this, there is no need to agree to half measures, which translates into greater comfort of working on a forklift.


Finglas Fuels Dublin provides wide range of BBQs fuels. Full available on the market selection is available at our shop. Patio FloGas cylinders and BBQ Calor cylinders. Propane for a BBQ is also referred to as BBQ or patio gas. It can support your summer BBQ sets as well as Patio outdoor heater.

A BBQ heats up instantly and no need a lot of preparation. There is no require ash cleaning up after. Whether you are already user of BBQ cylinder or you just first time start bbq, we have the right bottle for you.

The most of new bbq or patio cylinders purchased in Ireland will be fitted with gas regulators that have a 27mm diameter clip on. All propane and butane cylinders sell by us are fully compatible and standarised to most BBQ sets. If you are not sure or not aware of which cylinder is suitable for your set, please call us and we would be glad to help!