Cheapest Coal in Ireland

Coal prices have increased significantly in the last year. This is due to a number of factors, including increased demand from China and other Asian countries and a decrease in production in major coal-producing countries like Australia and the United States. The price of coal is expected to continue to rise in the coming months and years. Although the market demands and the challenges ahead are difficult, Finglas Fuels do its best to continue to deliver smokeless coal at the lowest possible price.

Eco Glow Coal Golden Glow, top quality smokeless coal for sale
Golden Glow, top quality Coal Dublin - Eco Glow
Superglo Coal

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Finglas Fuels is a coal merchant and wholesaler located in Dublin, Ireland. The company supplies open fire and stove coal to customers throughout the Dublin Co. In addition to coal, Finglas Fuels sells a range of other fuel products such as logs, gas, and peat briquette. The company has been in business for over ten years and is one of Ireland’s leading solid fuel suppliers. The coal we supply to our customers was carefully selected based on years of experience and our customer’s feedback. Thanks to this, we were able to choose the best products that meet the expectations of thousands of our customers. 

Although we sell the highest quality smokeless coal, we always ensure its price is the lowest and most competitive. This is because we are the biggest wholesaler and retailer at the same time w Dublin.

Smokeless Coal

We buy stove coal from McLaughlin’s Fuels which has been importing and distributing coal and other solid fuels since the 1940s. We have been cooperating with McLaughlin’s Fuels for many years, and we were the first to sell smokeless coal from this reliable producer in Dublin. We offer the number 1 in Ireland Golden Glow in 40 kg and 20 kg bags.

If you’re looking for the perfect coal for your stove, look no further than McLaughlin’s Golden Glow – Eco Glow! We offer “Golden Glow – Eco Glow”, the highest quality coal that will warm your home throughout the winter. And also at a great price! For those needing more heat and whose fireplaces meet the relevant requirements, we have Golden Glow – Eco Stove in 40 kg bags. If you are looking for coal for “open fire”, we offer proven and Irish-leading “SuperGlow” in 40 kg bags.

Smokeless Coal Special Offers

To meet our customers’ expectations, we have created attractive offers that combine the best coal on the market with firewood, kindling and firefighters. Offers are available in three options tailored to your individual needs and budget. All this so that you genuinely know that you are buying the cheapest coal in Ireland. Although we offer stove coal on our website, you can choose the type of coal you need.

The first option includes 3 Bags of 40kg Smokeless Coal and 1 Bag of Firewood Logs and 1 Net of Kindling, and 1 Pack of Firelighters. The second option contains 5 Bags of 40kg Smokeless Coal and 2 Bags of Firewood Logs and 1 Net of Kindling, and 1 Pack of Firelighters. The last, third option is 10 Bags of 40kg Smokeless Coal and 3 Bags of Firewood Logs and 1 Net of Kindling and 1 Pack of Firelighters. We can also make a wholesale. Check our offer details.

Coal Delivery

We are the most logistically organised supplier of smokeless coal in Ireland. We have our own fleet of various types of delivery vehicles such as vans and trucks. This guarantees our customers fast and stress-free deliveries to their homes. Friendly coalmen bring coal into your home or fill your bunker full. In addition, they dispose of leftovers after delivery, such as empty bags. We usually deliver on the same day. All you need to do is order coal, and we will deliver it in just a few hours. You can also set the delivery time yourself, and we will adapt to you. Check our delivery areas.

We encourage our clients to visit our website frequently. We provide up-to-date information, so if you want to stay up-to-date and know the best coal prices in Ireland, please get in touch with us.