This Winter

Stay warm and safe at home with our premium quality fuels selections

Discover our environmentally friendly smokeless coals.

A little less pollution, a lot more health.


Tonne of logs

Super dry, hard wood logs available in large tonne bags

Golden Glow

Top quality smokeless eco glow, available in 40kg

Magic Glow

Mix of pet coke and nuggets, available in 40kg coal bags

Energy efficiency

It is important to increase our awareness of energy efficiency not only because of increasing costs but to realise that all fossil fuels (oil, gas and solid fuel) release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming.

Quality guaranteed

The quality of our products are guaranteed. All dried logs light quickly and provide a great heat. Premium smokeless fuels release much less carbon dioxide, heat longer, hotter, and cost effective.

Fast delivery

Free delivery when you purchase 10 bags of coals, and get 1 bag of stick & 1 pack of fire lighter for free.

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